Monica De Paoli

Notary public and Co-founder

Monica De Paoli deals mainly with Real Estate and Non-profit, Benefit Corporations, Social and Impact Economy.

In the real estate sector, she follows real estate funds for the acquisition and asset disposal, financing and guarantees, AMCs changes and all types of extraordinary transactions.

In the non-profit sector, she assists Italian and foreign entities in setting up, amending their bylaws, and obtaining Third Sector Entity (ETS) status; in transformation, merger and demerger operations, as well as advisory and due diligence on assets.

In the business sector, she deals with companies that want to become Benefit Corporations and B- Corp, including involving other professionals in the adjustment of bylaws and in the identification of the correct corporate governance structure.

She has been a consultant for the Italian Code of the Third Sector, the Dopo di noi Italian law and the accompanying measures for benefit corporations.

Vice-President of Assobenefit association that promotes the benefit corporation model, she sits on the boards of the third sector entities Fondo Filantropico Italiano, a philanthropic intermediation foundation that operates nationally and internationally, the Luigi Rovati Foundation in Milan, and Fuori Quota, for the enhancement of female leadership. She is a member of the RCS Academy Advisory Board.

Among her most significant experiences, she was a member of the Third Sector Commission of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato, she directed Federnotizie, the press organ of the notary union, and was Vice-President of the Accademia del notariato.

She was one of the founders of Officina Dopo di noi, a committee set up to monitor the implementation of the Italian Law No. 112/2066 on disability.

She is a lecturer in Law of Third Sector Entities and Benefit Corporations. Author of numerous scientific contributions on corporate, real estate, nonprofit entities and benefit corporations. She is involved with some of the major ETSs in meetings and videos on solidarity testamentary bequests.

Languages spoken: English and French


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