Our vocabulary: semantic images

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A book that becomes a manifesto of our values and a commitment to the future

The year 2022 marked an important anniversary: the first 20 years of Milano Notai.

To mark the occasion, we produced an editorial work to put into writing the meaning we give to the words that recur in our daily actions.

A book made of semantic images that merge our words with paintings on paper by artist Massimo Kaufmann, created in collaboration with The Branding Letters.

Our vocabulary


Attention to detail, but above all time to investigate and time to understand before advising.


An ongoing process of learning, deepening, updating, research, curiosity, passion, collaboration and sharing.


«And yet it moves.» Not only law, jurisprudence, notary public practice, but above all society, the economy, technology, as well as the infinite possibilities of digitalisation, and communication techniques. Follow and anticipate the evolution and innovation occurring in the different fields.


Substantial, as well as formal, correctness. Respect for other, as well as for the rules. Responsibility towards the society in which we operate, as well as towards our customers and ourselves.


Charting our own path and making room for new ideas energises our work and excites us every day.


Commitment to solve, to provide safety with professionalism, thus interpreting our social role.


Bringing out passion in the way we work, being aware that passion and enthusiasm are contagious.


To be structured but not heavy, to remain timely, creative, resourceful and accessible.


Ability to listen, but without using one's ears, and to see, but without using one's eyes.


Learning through study, research, and the exchange of ideas. Giving back through writing, conferences, and training young people.


The complexity of our profession and the challenges it poses.


Meticulous specialisation and integrated vision, precision and dynamism.


Continuous work on method, organisation, understanding, vision and above all on talent.


Soluzioni integrate a problemi complessi, attingendo alle competenze della rete di professionisti di cui ci fidiamo e che condividono i nostri valori.


Participation, sharing, collaboration, offering opportunities, commitment to the development of society, in the certainty that it is not only fair but a substantial part of our future.

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