Non Profit

Association, foundation, committee, social start-up, social enterprise, benefit corporations, social cooperative, third sector entity, B-Corp, earmarked assets and impact finance

Milano Notai is Non Profit and Benefit Corporation

We have always followed the Italian and European legal developments in the non-profit sector.

As advisers to the Italian national Government, we have worked on the Code of the Third Sector, the Fondazione Italia Sociale, Dopo di noi Italian law and developments in Italian legislation on Benefit Corporations.

Some of the largest Italian and international organisations rely on us in the making, and modification of bylaws, acquisition of ETSs or social enterprise status, as well as in transformation, merger and demerger operations. We perform advisory and due diligence activities for all our clients.

At the side of companies and individuals launching strategic social innovation or impact projects, we advise on the right form of implementation, applying crossborder legal and financial solutions: extraordinary transactions, business groupings, social bonds and social impact bonds, participatory financial instruments.

Regarding families, we assist in building lifelong projects to protect persons with disabilities, we set up trusts, destination bonds, destined assets.

Since their emergence, we have been following the evolution of RECs (Renewable Energy Communities), which are also to be established as Third Sector Entities. 

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