Escrow Agent

Escrow agreement, deposit of sums, escrow agent, escrow account, register of sums and values, deposit of shares, deposit of lists of securitised loans and fiduciary mandate

Milano Notai is Escrow Agent

We ensure prompt and accurate Escrow Agent Service to Italian and foreign clients in the delicate stages of negotiation and pre-transaction agreements.

Milano Notai takes on escrow agent assignments using banking partners trusted by the client or among our trusted partners. This Service consists in the preparation of mandate agreements, the opening and management of escrow current accounts, separate and dedicated to the individual transaction, and the execution of instructions for the movement of sums of money.

Our escrow agent activity also consists of acting, in a guarantee capacity, as agents with representation for the sale of real estate or share packages and as custodians of the pledged shares on behalf of the financing banks. In securitisation transactions, we hold the lists of assigned receivables in trust for public inspection. 

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