Real Estate

Sale, preliminary contract, mortgage, rent to buy, real estate fund, due diligence, social housing, town planning agreement, contribution and replacement of SGR

Milano Notai is Real Estate

We provide our extensive experience in real estate, both in transactions by private individuals - where we often act as sole legal advisor - and in real estate finance transactions, since 2006 with the establishment of the listed real estate fund Atlantic 1.

We work with Italian and foreign AMCs assisting numerous funds in real estate acquisition and divestment transactions, AMC replacement, legal and technical due diligence, in collaboration with the most established law firms, companies and professionals. We handle all aspects of transactions and financing, refinancing, collateralisation and replacement. By drawing on our expertise in the non-profit sector, we deal with social housing projects and projects for the enhancement and regeneration of properties belonging to local entities, ETSs and religious entities. 

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