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  1. What are cookies?
  2. Cookie are small text files that are downloaded onto ‘terminal equipment’ (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device) when the user accesses a website for the first time. On the user’s next visit, that file is sent back to the same website.To find out more, please read the Cookie Policy. Cookies may require the user’s prior consent: you can choose which cookies accept, or you can change cookie settings at any time by following the instructions provided hereunder. We use different types of cookies: some aim to enhance the performance of our website www.milanonotai.it (hereinafter referred to as “Website”), others allow a given functionality to work.
    1. What types of cookies are used?

    Cookies used by the Website are listed below:


    • First-party cookies
    1. Technical cookies

    The Website makes use of technical first-party and third-party cookies, such as browsing or session, functionality or analytical, as set out below:


    instilla_cid, instilla_privacy_settings, instilla_uid Technical cookie It allows to track that the user gave consent to the processing of his data and to the tracking of the interactions with the site as specified in the short notice. 360 days The tracking will not be activated during new sessions but the consent will be requested again. 

    User-interface customisation not fully available



    • Third-party cookies

    The Website uses third-party cookies, i.e. cookies placed by another webmaster via the publisher’s website. User consent is required.

    The third-party cookies used by the Website are listed below.


    _ga, _gat Cookies to analyse third-party services  

    Collect information on the usage done by users anonymously such as page views, residence time, origins of sending traffic, geographical origin, age etc.

    Full Policy


    The Website uses “Google Analytics” service. Data collected in such a way could be processed also by Google in accordance with its terms of service available at the following link: https://policies.google.com/terms.


    1. Is it to accept cookies to access the website?

    Not necessarily: the user could potentially disable all cookies, included first-party.

    However, failure to install, in whole or in part, a technical cookie may make it impossible to use some areas of the Website. Nevertheless, should all cookies be disabled, access to public contents would not be affected. By contrast, should third-party cookies only be disabled, whereas the browsing activity would not be impaired, it may be different for social networking services.


    1. How can I block the use of cookies?

    Cookies can be managed by using browser settings. Otherwise, it is understood that the user accepts all cookies and intends to benefit from their functionalities.

    To find out more information about how to disable/enable cookies visit the ISP website available at the following links:

    Opt in may be expressed in a general way, by interacting with the brief cookie information banner displayed on the webpage.

    However, the user is always allowed to withdraw the consent previously given by adjusting the cookie settings.


    1. Can cookies be deleted?

    Yes, through the browser configuration tools available at the following links:


    1. Does the webmaster manage and use cookies?

    The use of cookies by the Website is in full compliance with current legislation, to pursue specific purposes – technical storing as long as required to transmit information or supply a service to the user. The user has the right to object to processing of Personal Data, occurring in the context of cookies, disabling one or more.

    The processing of data takes place by persons previously authorised and on the webmaster’s instructions through IT and telematic means.

    Data are stored in electronic archives by adopting adequate security measures to prevent data loss, misuse and unauthorised access.


    1. Updates to this cookie policy

    The webmaster reserves the right to modify or update, in whole or in part, this Cookie Policy, also to be compliant with new provisions about cookies and user’s rights.

    Any change or update to this Cookie Policy will be binding after its publication. Users are advised to review this policy periodically for any change.


    1. Contacts

    For further clarification or information about this policy, please send an e-mail to studio@milanonotai.it.

    Last updated: 01/28/2019